Thursday, 28 May, 2015

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MARSILLI WELDING DIVISION is born to extend and export MARSILLI quality to other markets.

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Marsilli Coil and Motor Winding


The new winding machine

It is well known that Marsilli has a unique passion for the winding process and a particular one to the Winding Machine Technology. That’s why we are glad to present NEXT, the next generation of Winding Machines.

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Motor Industry: Brand New Solution

If you are developing a motor application, if you are studying a new product or if you are only thinking to do it, you probably would like to know what is the state of the art on the motor winding technology.

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The EVO-lution of Tensioners
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TEP-EVO is the new family of tensioners developed by Marsilli, thanks to its expertise in the wire management and its attitude to innovation, Marsilli sets a new standard in this business!

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Marsilli is a worldwide leader in Assembly & Winding Systems with a strong ability to innovate. Designing, assembling and delivering all equipment with a unique passion.Marsilli provides absolutely reliable solutions together with superb quality

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